You reap what you sew

It’s your past and actual deeds that count in your future. Your future depends on the present and past. So what you did yesterday will always have an effect tomorrow. Be careful and complete all tasks wisely thinking ahead, to avoid some kinds of ripple effects later. If today what we are, is due to our past. We must always do good things, help others, understand others, let others live and advise them if necessary what is good or bad, and remember also that no work should be ignored, even a small light matter.. Things should be done in a constant way, make sure to do everything perfect on time, because time never comes back.

Men have left their footprints in the sand reminding us that whatever jobs we are assigned to we must do it NOW… And things have never come in a flash; it’s a matter of weeks, months and even years… Be constant in your work… Set your goals very early…

Also this saying means what you do is what you get in return. For example, if you want someone to love you, so you must love him/her that much. Then love will be reciprocated.


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