Sunday 20 July 2008

Today is the worst day i can say, nothing to do at home. Just on the net and with my psp. That’s all. Those topics i posted below are really very interesting and wanted to share them with everyone. There are the electric eel,sharks,kangaroo,scrabble identity and others..

I like nature a lot and sometimes i want to make photo collections. I like to paint but in my mind not on paper because im a bit lazy to use pen and paper. What i like is just sitting in front of my pc and find all the facts in the world to share them and to use them in my everyday life!

My leg pain is still here and despite this i want to play football, such a passion for this sport…

Im so alone.. Loneliness is killing me.. 😦 Life is so hard to live sometimes… what a life!!!!!!

Hope everything gets well soon…


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