Night Blindness: Cause and Cure

You’ve heard of night vision right ? but did you know of night blindness ? Yes that’s right night blindness is an illness which causes the affected to be completely blind in dim light and darkness. It’s caused by a dietary deficiency of vitamin A which causes the eye cells to dry out thus limiting their ability to adjust to light of differing intensities.

Other side effects include the skin becoming rough and scaly causing eruptions on the arms and legs. Teeth formation and general growth of the body is also affected and in severe cases the cornea of the eye becomes so dry and opaque that it leads to total blindness.

A person suffering from this illness must include green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach), liver, butter, fruits, carrots, pumpkin, milk and fish in their diet to help combat the lack of vitamin A.


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  1. AroJoy says:

    “Nyctalopia” or “Night blindness” is a disease or disability of the vision of the eyes and a disorder of the ‘retina’ of the eyes. The rod cells, one of two light-sensitive areas of the retina of the eye, are impaired in their capacity to produce a chemical compound called ‘rhodopsin’, or ‘visual purple’, causing inability to see in dim light, or in light of a less intensity. Nyctalopia is caused by the deficiency of and curable by addition of: “Vitamin -A”.


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