Race in Mauritius – Barbe Cup 2008 For Sentinal

This season has been very unlucky for me because on whatever horses i bet  have lost. It seems that i got a hint, i can tell other people what i’m going to play in order they get banker losing horse!lol… But on the other side, luckily my favourite horse Sentinal got the Barbe Cup. It is the quickest sprinting horse at Champ de Mars in 1000m race.

How the race took place?

The race started and sentinal was in the 4th position. It was in a difficult position to sprint as it was on the side and other horses were blocking it from taking the first position. All horses were coming near the finish line. On the turning way to the finish line, Sentinal got the pace and space also, it sprinted and sprinted. Now the game was difficult to see. Everyone was sprinting. An outsider Winter Wind was the first and Men of Rheims second, Sentinal was behind them. It was in the last 5 seconds, Sentinal made it and the Cup was for it alone. Because it is the best sprinting horse. In 9 races, it won 8 and only in 1 race it was second.


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