Health-Mobile users fear health problems

More than 40 per cent of regular mobile phone users are afraid of potential health problems, a survey has found.

He said low frequency microwaves from mobiles could resonate with and disrupt brainwaves, which would account for the symptoms of memory loss, anxiety and lack of concentration that mobile users have reported.

He said: “The bottom line is that existing guidelines on electromagnetic radiation are totally inadequate and fundamentally flawed.

“They neglect to consider the fact that the objects being irradiated, namely ourselves, are alive.”

The Mori poll was commissioned by a company which is marketing a device to product mobile phone users from electromagnetic radiation.

Currently 46 per cent of UK adults say they use a mobile phone at least once a day.

Research ‘flawed’

The research aired on “Panorama” earlier in the week has been criticised as “flawed” by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPD), a government advisory group which looks into health issues raised by radiation fields – such as whether electricity pylons close to homes cause problems.

The NRPD said that the study, which claimed to identify a higher risk of a rare brain tumour amongst mobile phone users, was “statistically imprecise”.

But Dr Hyland said: “This evidence points to harmful effects on humans and shows that exposure to radiation from mobile phones can affect living tissue, and the nervous system of the human body, in particular.”

Tom Wills-Sandford, a director at the Federation of the Electronics Industry, which represents the mobile phone manufacturers, said that any survey which showed that users were concerned was of great interest to them.

Of Dr Hyland’s research he said: “We would welcome the publication of Dr Hyland’s work in a peer reviewed scientific journal so that the scientific community can analyse his theories.

“The consensus among scientists as a whole is that there are no established health effects from using a mobile phone.”


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